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Self-care means regularly caring for that self. And that includes those ears! eosera® products help with over-the-counter doctor-recommended ear care, including routine cleaning and hygiene for help with common ear issues like earwax impaction, ear pain from earaches, and even itchy ears!

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EAR PAIN MD®, EAR WAX MD®, and EAR ITCH MD® are trusted by doctors and parents and are highly recommended among users.


Our products are developed, tested, and produced in Fort Worth, Texas! We’re proud to be a woman-led company created by co-founders Elyse Dickerson, CEO, and Joe Griffin, CSO, with our ear care products
available nationwide at all major retailers!

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Ear pain is a real pain in the ears!™ That’s why eosera® created doctor-recommended EAR PAIN MD® with the numbing relief of 4% lidocaine.

Ear pain is the second most common reason kids visit their doctor! 2

63% seek medical treatment yearly for ear pain, most often associated with ear infections.2

90% of people have at least 1 documented case of ear pain caused by an infection2

33% experience 6+ episodes by age 72

2 Clinical Practice Guidelines: The Diagnosis and Management of Acute Otitis Media, Pediatrics, V31, N3, March 2013.

Product Directions & Ingredients

#1 doctor-recommended brand for
temporary ear pain relief.

eosera® EAR PAIN MD® starts working on contact to soothe ear pain eosera® Ear Pain MD® and Ear Pain MD® for Kids with 4% Lidocaine provide maximum strength pain relief without a prescription! EAR PAIN MD® starts working on contact to desensitize those aggravated nerves. That’s why it’s the #1 Doctor recommended brand of topical ear pain relief1. For humans with ears™ age 2 and up.

Warning: cleaning out ear wax can result in not being able to “tune out” those voices you’ve been ignoring

Blast The Wax

WAX BLASTER MD® is a full kit with the WAX BLASTER MD irrigation tool, the ear-gonomic™ rinsing basin, and free EAR WAX MD® included right inside the box!

The dual action formula works rapidly to break down earwax to clean it away. eosera® EAR WAX MD® users can clean and blast away earwax regularly, on their own. Our patented formula has been clinically proven to dissolve and clean that pesky wax in as little as one 15-minute treatment.

Your patients are waxy, and you know it!

eosera® EAR WAX MD® is clinically proven to dissolve and clean away excess earwax cleaning ears in as little as 15 minutes.

While EAR WAX MD® might have you believing these cleaning ear drops are magical, they’re pure science. In fact, scientists at eosera® formulated the dual-action technology to break up and dissolve earwax. In a clinical study, EAR WAX MD® proved to dissolve excess earwax in as little as 15 minutes*. You can see a simulation on our website at ReallyGrossProof.com. See what we mean…science!

Recommend EAR WAX MD® to effectively keep ears clean and clear of the junk and help to reduce earwax impaction occurrence.

With millions of ear pain patients going to the doctor for ear irrigations annually, it’s no surprise to us that in the US, about 6% of the population suffers from impacted cerumen.

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Ditch that pesky itch with a natural moisturizer that also calms dry skin.

Itchy ears are no fun. Whether it's from allergies, eczema, psoriasis, perimenopause, hormones or other irritants, that dry, scratchy feeling can drive you crazy. But ears are delicate — they're not meant for poking, prodding, or picking at.

EAR ITCH MD® — made in Fort Worth, Texas — contains a carefully formulated blend of nourishing oils to soothe and hydrate the sensitive skin inside the ears. Spritz away dryness and discomfort — no scratching required!

No one likes an itch they can’t scratch!

for humans with ears – even little ones.

Experience the difference with Eosera's pediatric ear care solutions. Shop now for effective relief from earwax buildup, pain, and itchiness. Because every kid deserves happy ears!

Ear pain is a real pain, especially when those ears belong to little humans. Some earwax is normal, but when it builds up, it can cause discomfort and even affect hearing. Say goodbye to full, achy ears with EAR WAX MD®. Our doctor-recommended, clinically proven formula dissolves and clears excess earwax in as little as 15 minutes! With single-dose delivery designed for ages two and up, application is a breeze. Experience the science behind clear ears with EAR WAX MD®. Check out the simulation at ReallyGrossProof.com to see how it works!

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